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Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence Products & Tools

The perfect product for your needs

We're here to help you engage your audience with amazing experiences. That's why we offer a range of augmented reality and artificial intelligence products and APIs that can be tailored to your needs, resources and budget.

From full-service offering to do-it-yourself tools, we have a product that's right for you. Choose one of the tools below to learn more.

Augmented Reality Software, Visual Marketing, AR SaaS & SDK solution - Blippar mobile app for smartphones and tablets

The Blippar App

The free Blippar app, available on iOS, Android and wearables, allows millions of people to discover more about the world around them with a simple blipp.

Strategy & Custom Solutions

Let our skilled experts handle the work! Our team will work hand-in-hand with you each step of the way, from concept to creation and analysis, to deliver engaging brand experiences.


Blippbuilder is a self-service tool for creating exciting brand experiences. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create unique, interactive content – no coding or technical skills required!

Blippbuilder Script

Take control of Blippar's powerful augmented reality technology by custom-building your own engaging, interactive experiences with our augmented reality API - Blippbuilder Script.

Augmented Reality Software, Visual Marketing, AR SaaS & SDK solution - Performance Media

Performance Media

We're making the world blippable, one piece at a time. Join us and become a Visual Discovery partner to gain access to a wealth of contextual inventory from moments of discovery in the real world.

Augmented Reality Software, Visual Marketing, AR SaaS & SDK solution - Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Integrate our technology into existing workflows with handheld and head-mounted devices. Drive efficiency, improve logistics, create visual search databases, build CRM tools, analyze real-time data and more.

Blippar Technology Solutions

Layar SDK

Looking to embed our powerful technology into your own app? Do it yourself with the Layar SDK, or have us build you an app with our Custom App Solutions – all provided by Layar, part of the Blippar Group.