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Augmented Reality & Computer Vision for Enterprise


Achieve greater efficiency

The vast power of Blippar’s computer vision and augmented reality engines can now be in your hands. We can help your business achieve greater operational efficiency and more powerful products with our best-in-breed proprietary computer vision & augmented reality products and solutions.


Our computer vision and augmented reality capabilities can be applied anywhere, from back-end operations to retail aisles to household appliances and beyond. You can use our technology in any number of ways, including:

  • Image tagging
  • B2B training
  • Product visualization
  • Software and hardware integration

...and many more

Our solutions


Hardware partnership

Join Blippar’s ecosystem of hardware providers and integrate our best-in-class computer vision and augmented reality technology into your wearables, scanners and any other device with a camera lens.


Software partnership and consultancies

Take advantage of Blippar’s computer vision and augmented reality APIs as we provide value-add opportunities to your overall suite of solutions.


Brand and retail-direct

Use our visual discovery solutions for your company’s back-end processes and other B2B purposes, such as workforce training, environment visualization, compliance solutions and more.

Our products


Use our content creation tools to form visual discovery experiences in your work environment.


Use machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to help make sense of your imagery. Learn more


Use our deep learning engine or any other part of our technology for instant object recognition and other special projects.

Blippar with wearables

Wearable augmented reality

Wearables are more than just a ‘cool’ technology. From glasses to watches, wristbands, headsets and more they help facilitate day-to-day activities, hands-free. Blippar is a wearable augmented reality pioneer. As one of the first to embed our technology into many wearables, including Google Glass back in early 2014, our augmented reality wearables technology allows users to obtain any content from their environment – from product visualization, to enhanced training, to gaming and beyond. 

Want to know more?

Get in touch to see how our enterprise solutions and wearable augmented reality can make your business more efficient and your products more powerful.

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