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Blippar Solutions


Giving you more from the world you see

Blippar harnesses augmented reality, computer vision and artificial intelligence to create the "internet on things". To learn more about how our augmented reality solutions can benefit you and your business, select one of the options below.


Inspire and deepen brand conversations

The Blippar platform inspires and helps deepen conversations between brands and people who are curious about their products or relevant real-world objects. Overlaying content onto your products on the Blippar platform allows you to make them more useful and entertaining. Enabling you to:

  • Target consumers at the exact moment they express curiosity about your brand or products
  • Engage consumers when your products are within arms reach
  • Fulfill marketing objectives
  • Learn about your audience with real world data

Expand your business offering

Become an augmented reality reseller. Use our self-service augmented reality tools to create and sell blipps to your clients.
Become a certified member of the Blippar Partner Network and add a new revenue stream to your business. As a partner you will get:

  • Access to our self-service AR tools
  • Training, support & inspiration
  • A new revenue stream

Make your operations more efficient

Our technology can train any device with a lens to see like the human eye. From the workplace to household appliances and beyond, our computer vision and augmented reality solutions enhance operational efficiency and make your products more powerful. You can use it in any number of ways, including:

  • Environmental visualization
  • Process and flow simulation
  • Enhanced training and learning
  • Software and hardware product integration
  • And much more

Create interactive learning environments

Help start an education revolution and stoke imaginations with materials that come to life with immersive experiences.

Enhance educational content with digital experiences that students access using a smartphone or tablet. Learn more about our augmented reality solutions for educators below.