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Blippar Partner Network

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The Blippar Partner Network is for agencies and companies that want to use our self-service Blippbuilder tool to sell blipps to their customers. Differentiate yourself and create a new innovative revenue stream with augmented reality.

Individualized service


Personalized training on using the Blippbuilder tool, plus best practices and insight into what makes a campaign successful.


Ideation sessions with our experts ensure you take advantage of our experience in creating blipps across all sectors.


Talk to a person, not a machine. Your own Partnership Manager and Blippbuilder Specialist that are always at your service.


Gain access to pre-publish testing to make sure that each of your campaigns appear and function as you originally intend.

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The Blippar Partner Network is an elite group of creatives that have been specially trained in all things Blippar.

Interested in making use of Blippar's services? Our partner network spans the globe and can provide personalized local service.




Visible in Taiwan


This colorful blipp for Omusic, an online music provider owned by Taiwanese network Far EasTone, turned in-store brochures and cards into jukeboxes that showed how the new music service works and highlighted some of the latest tracks available.

Augmented Reality Advertising & Visual Marketing Campaign Example - Download blippar


blippar app

Augmented Reality Advertising & Visual Marketing Campaign Example - Aim and frame the whole image

aim & frame

whole image

Augmented Reality Advertising & Visual Marketing Campaign Example - Watch it come to life


it come to life

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