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Computer Vision API

Make sense of your visual data


The Computer Vision API enables businesses to easily add automatic image processing and tagging to their applications. We use artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to help people make sense of their imagery data, in a fast and seamless manner.

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Our Computer Vision API can help you categorise millions of images quickly and with human accuracy. The API provides you with powerful insights and the ability to:


  • Process your imagery data at a fraction of your current cost
  • Deliver vastly more relevant content in real-time
  • Filter out unwanted or damaging content


By integrating our Computer Vision API into your application, the possibilities are endless no matter what industry you're in. It could help you recognize the food on someone’s plate, allowing you to provide the relevant nutritional information. It could help publishers meta-tag thousands of images for better search results. Or it could recognize a branded product and surface relevant content or even automatically delete inappropriate images.


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