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Sécurité Alimentaire : Les Distributeurs Innovent Pour Garantir La Transparence
Lesechos - 10月 17, 2017
Tech Lets Brands Into Your Home
Raconteur - 9月 21, 2017
United Kingdom
Blippar Debuts AR Tool That's 2x More Accurate Than GPS
Mobile Marketer - 8月 07, 2017
United Kingdom
Startup Uses Computer Vision to Make Augmented Reality in Cities More Precise
MIT Review - 8月 04, 2017
Blippar To Use Computer Vision To Improve Location Targeting
Media Post - 8月 04, 2017
Blippar Unveils Positioning System That Bests GPS in Urban Areas
Next Reality - 8月 04, 2017
"Halos" lo nuevo de Blippar en realidad virtual
El Universal - 7月 24, 2017
Bloomberg Technology with Danny Lopez
Bloomberg - 7月 24, 2017
United Kingdom
Blippar Brings Facial Recognition AR Profiles to Mobile App
Next Reality - 7月 20, 2017
Blippar debuts AR face profiles with bubble halos
The Drum - 7月 20, 2017


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